How to Drive Employee Accountability Through Goal-Setting

Amanda McCluney - March 23, 2017

Did you know that employees believe 30-50% of their peers lack accountability, according to a study from the American Management Association? Of course, accountability can refer to a number of different traits. Are they socially accountable, and willing to admit a social faux pas? Are they accountable in their performance and effectiveness? Are they accountable to their team and collaborators? Do they appropriately prioritize their tasks and inform stakeholders of changes? In truth, accountability is all of the above and more.


A Modern Approach to Team Management [Webinar Recap]

Amanda McCluney - March 21, 2017

A modern business can’t be run using the old axiom about ‘I’m your boss, and I tell you what to do.’ Today’s forward-thinking companies instead know that they need to implement a true management framework to ensure that their team is engaged and performing at their best.


[Podcast] Episode 32 with Javier Sola of Compuquip

Amanda McCluney - March 16, 2017

IT Security in today’s world is no longer a basic blocking and tackling approach mixed in with a bit of antivirus protection. And as the state of security continues to evolve rapidly, it’s hard to keep up with all of the threats that businesses face.


How We Help Our Sales Team Hit Their Annual Quota

Eric Dosal - March 14, 2017

The beginning of the year is a very anxious time of year at BrightGauge.  For us, Q4 is our biggest quarter of the year and the Sales team hustles until the end of the year leaving no stone unturned. So when the calendar changes, we are still coming off the “high” of Q4 and the year end rush.


ForwardJS Summit 2017 Recap

David Small - March 10, 2017

Our development team had an unusually busy end of February. We hosted our first-ever Builders’ Meeting, welcoming other engineering teams in the Miami area, and that following weekend members of our team namely, myself and Francisco, headed to San Francisco for nerd time at ForwardJS, a JavaScript-focused conference Downtown.


15 of Our Favorite Tips to Get You Started with Podcasting

Amanda McCluney - March 7, 2017

2015 kicked off our first landmark year in the content-sharing journey at BrightGauge. Back then, our team had started growing at a steady pace and we were able to get very focused on our Inbound Marketing strategy: we started blogging 3 times a week, our sporadic educational webinars turned into monthly sessions, and our social media platforms were more active than ever. It’s safe to say our marketing reach was soaring to new heights.


5 Tips on How to Succeed as a Marketing Team of One

Amanda McCluney - March 6, 2017

A team of one. It actually sounds like a pun if you’re used to working for a big company. However, I know that there are plenty of people like me out there, working hard to establish what will one day be a larger marketing team. Here’s how I make it work at BrightGauge.


[New Feature] Save Time by Converting Dashboards to Reports

Eric Dosal - March 2, 2017

Sometimes a dashboard just won’t do!

Our customers spend a lot of time building out dashboards and customizing it to get the data they need exactly the way they want it.  If you’re like me, I love using our dashboards for viewing my data because they are up around the office which makes it easy to see, plus they are updating in real time.  However, every once in awhile I want to send a dashboard to someone who doesn’t have a log in or doesn’t want to have to log in.


6 Valuable Zendesk Metrics to Improve Customer Service

Eric Dosal - February 28, 2017

When you’re trying to improve your service team’s efficiency, looking to increase profitability, or looking for improvement in some other aspect, it’s easy to feel like you’re running in circles. Trying over and over again with no success.


What's Your Data Doing For You?

Brian Dosal - February 24, 2017

This is something I’ve been thinking about recently.  What do I need from my data?  What questions do I need it to answer? What questions do our customers need their data to answer for them?


[Podcast] Episode 31 with Rob Rae of Datto

Amanda McCluney - February 23, 2017

In roughly 10 years, Datto has grown from being one of many names in a sea of backup solution providers to one of the headlining names of the IT Services industry. We recently invited Datto’s VP of Business Development, Rob Rae, to join us for a conversation on achieving incredible growth in a commoditized industry. The insights Rob shared carried the conversation from brand messaging to customer education, partnering with the right solution providers, common themes in the ITSP industry, and more.


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