On our latest episode of The BrightGauge Podcast we welcomed Brad Benner, the founder of SmileBack (formerly branded as, known for their suite of smart tool integrations for use with ConnectWise. One of those tools is a CSAT measurement solution which we recently announced as our latest integration at BrightGauge.

(Note: The podcast recording was made during the time that SmileBack was known as, which is the brand you'll hear referenced in the conversation.)

The conversation with Brad was unique because we first learned a bit about how he picked the solutions that focuses on and then the process of bringing those ideas to life in the SaaS market. Then Brad offered us a comprehensive look at all aspects of Customer Satisfaction for Service Providers: the need for using a specialized CSAT tool, how helps boost survey responses, the best ways to utilize CSAT data, and so much more.

All About Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) for Service Providers: Episode Highlights

  •  Brad’s intro and background (0:59)
  •  How Brad picked the focus areas that makes solutions for (4:12)
  •  The process of bringing an idea to life in the market (5:53)
  •  Being on the SaaS side vs. the consumer side of the business (7:38)
  •  A closer look at’s Customer Satisfaction tool and customer base (8:52)
    •  Why customers are looking outside of their PSA for CSAT tools (10:24)
    •  Tackling low survey response rates (12:14)
    •  Getting enough data from a simple survey (13:42)
    •  What the most engaged companies are doing with CSAT data (15:42)
  •  Empowering customers with real-time data monitoring (19:57)
  •  Upcoming plans for (22:04)
  •  Q&A: favorite business book, tools/resource to use as a business owner, why Brad picked Berlin for his new home, how to connect (23:44)

Resources mentioned in the episode:
The 4 Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss
Trello, project management app
Zapier, integration connection tool

To get in touch with Brad:
hello [at]



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