What better time than the New Year to revisit your organization’s goal-setting strategy?

Goal-setting is an important way to make sure employees are aligned and moving in the right direction. Individual and team goals should support the organization’s long-term strategy and should incorporate your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs).

If you’re using BrightGauge to set and track goals, you can actually power your goals from gauges you’re already using.

We know it can be a bit of a challenge to determine which gauges you should use to power your goals, but we’re here to help.

What are gauge-powered goals?

When you link a goal directly to a gauge, that goal automatically gets populated with the data being tracked in that gauge. For example, let’s say you’ve got a goal to keep Kill Rate above 100% week over week. You already have an existing gauge that tracks your Kill Rate percentage in real time.

Every week, your average Kill Rate percentage will be populated into your goal list automatically, making it easy to see progress at a glance while keeping your team members honest and accountable.

Goal list in BrightGauge


Tracking goals this way takes any ambiguity out of the equation.

Though the values will be automatically populated, individuals will still have to go into their gauge-powered goal and mark whether they were on- or off-track and add context around their progress.

Why use gauge-powered goals?

Well, presumably, you’re using BrightGauge because you’re data-driven. So, you’ll likely appreciate goals that are data-driven as well.

Making goals specific and measurable keeps conversations about those goals objective rather than subjective, so it’s easy to stay focused on the target.

Plus, when you use gauge-powered goals, you’ll be using all BrightGauge features cohesively and seamlessly - another win when it comes to staying aligned.

Finally, gauge-powered goals eliminate any guesswork. You don’t have to worry that you miscalculated an average, or wrote down an incorrect number, or accidentally skipped a week of tracking goals. Your values will be waiting for you anytime you’re ready to visit your goal list.

Great. So how do I set up gauge-powered goals?

Good question. It may feel a bit intimidating to figure this out, which is why we’ve built out a few template gauges to help you get started.

As an example, for those of you that integrate with ConnectWise Manage or Autotask, you’ll notice some default gauges that have a [Goal] prefix attached to them. You can use these gauges to power your goals.

To find them, click on GAUGES from your BrightGauge overview and look for that [Goal] prefix.


selecting gauges from BrightGauge overview screen
default gauges used to power a BrightGauge goal

Pre-built [Goal] gauges are already filtered for the Current Week (Sun-Sat) date range, but you can also filter them by technician once you set them as a goal.

When you’re in the Goals section of your BrightGauge, use the ‘Select Gauge to Power a Goal’ dropdown, type [Goal] into the search field, and you’ll be able to see all your existing gauges that are set up to power a goal.

select goals to power your gauge

Pro tip: you don’t have to just rely on these pre-built gauges. If you’ve got your own gauge that you’d like to use to power a goal, we suggest making a copy of it and adding that [Goal] prefix to it. That way, you can easily find it and it’s less likely that anyone will make unintentional changes to it.   

We’re all really busy so it’s easy to see the value in tips or tricks that help make our day run more efficiently. If you’re not already setting and tracking goals, using gauge-powered goals can be a nice way to get started.

Always feel free to reach out to our support team if you’ve got any questions!

To learn more about goal-setting, watch our free webinar, ‘Guiding Growth Through EOS & Goals’, featuring Traction Strong founder Ryan Giles.


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