On behalf of the entire BrightGauge Team we are extremely excited to announce the promotion of Larry Garcia to Director of Sales!

Before BrightGauge
After graduating from Florida State University, Larry moved into regional sales positions for mutual fund subsidiaries at Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank.  It was during this time where he realized his first (business) love - connecting with customers and advising them on their financial needs.  When the need for change came calling, Larry spent a few years following another passion of his, teaching.  His first stint in education brought him to Zamora, Spain where he taught high school English before heading back to Florida to instruct 7th grade Civics classes in Miami.  While Larry enjoyed teaching, he also realized that he wanted to get back to the business world and was looking for an opportunity to jump into sales. [Enter BrightGauge.]

The BrightGauge Era
Larry started at BrightGauge as a Business Analytics Specialist and quickly worked his way up, becoming our Lead Business Developer.  A man with many hats, Larry spent that time helping us build out our sales process, lead our roadshow events, and helped drive our sales campaigns.  So, it was natural that when Larry’s experience at BrightGauge was combined with his unique ability to connect with customers, all signs pointed in the right direction… we knew he would be the perfect fit to become our Director of Sales!

Looking forward
As Director of Sales, Larry will now be fully responsible for the sales performance of the BrightGauge team including our customer acquisition strategy and revenue growth. And since teamwork is at the core of everything we do, he will also work directly with our Marketing crew to build our growth strategy.

When Larry is not following up with prospects and customers or crushing demos, you can find him enjoying the outdoors with his wonderful wife Celine.  Larry has a passion for traveling and enjoys visiting Colombia, Spain, and France when the opportunity arises. Larry is also an avid triathlete and endurance athlete.

Please join us in congratulating Larry as he grows with the BrightGauge team!


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