We’ve released another integration, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains! Helping you stay on top of your business goals, Microsoft Dynamics GP pairs with BrightGauge to pull your accounting and sales statistics into one, easy to manage dashboard and reports sender.


At the request of many BrightGauge customers using Microsoft Dynamics GP(previously known as Great Plains), we added this datasource to help you quickly cut to the true trends in your sales and accounts data, leaving out any room for complicated data analysis. 


How Microsoft Dynamics GP works?

Meant to be an all-in-one application, Microsoft Dynamics GP answers to not only your company's financial needs but also steps in to the aid of your HR department, manufacturing planning, supply chain management, field services, compliance and IT management.

Clearly, it gets a lot done!


How does MD GP pair up with BrightGauge?

BrightGauge pulls in a subset of your Microsoft Dynamics GP data -- bookings, receivables, and sales. 



Work with our template dashboards, reports, and goals to begin seeing your data in action or copy to modify and make BrightGauge customized to your team's needs.


Once you have your dashboards up for all to see, you can begin seeing where your team is doing well, and what could use some improvement. Working with BrightGauge Goals, you can take a set of number-based KPIs you're monitoring in real-time and convert them into actionable goals.





Your ready-to-use data

Behind each report and dashboard comes a dataset powering the gauges you track. Our integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP pulls the following datasets for you to work with ready-to-monitor gauges, or for more advanced plans, mashup with your other datasources:

Account Balances Trending - This is essentially a balance sheet dataset. It shows the "period" (usually months) balances for the accounts setup.

Sales Transactions(+ Sales Transactions Line Items) - These show all data pertaining to opportunities with the added context of line item details .

Receivables Transactions - This dataset the invoices for GP.

Purchase Orders - These cover all items that the customer must purchase from vendors to fulfill sales transactions


Visit our support documentation for more information on how to get setup or read more about what you can do with BrightGauge and Microsoft Dynamics GP here.

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