Note: As of June 10, 2019, our plans have changed and the information below is no longer applicable. For new plan information, please visit our Pricing page


We pride ourselves in offering our customers plans that are tailored to their needs, but sometimes a little extra information goes a long way when it’s time to pick the plan that’s best for your business. So, let’s take a closer look at the differences between our Standard and Enterprise (formerly known as Advanced) plans as shown on our pricing page:

BrightGauge Standard vs. Enterprise Plan

There are 6 main differences to note between our Standard and Enterprise plans:

Additional User Licenses

The Enterprise Plan includes 2 extra Admin User Accounts (for a total of 3 Admin Users). An Admin has complete access to the BrightGauge platform to create gauges, dashboards, and reports. Admins can also manage the permissions of Analysts in our Enterprise Plan. Additional Admin User licenses can be purchased for $25/month if you need more than the 3 that are included.

Admin/Analyst User Permissions

In the Enterprise plan, you have the ability to limit users by creating them as Analyst users. Analyst users are limited by the datasets the Admins give them access to. For example, in the image below you’ll see 3 different types of access for datasource:

  1. ConnectWise Manage - The Analyst has full access to the data (all datasets selected)
  2. QuickBooks - The Analyst has partial access (only some datasets selected)
  3. SmileBack - The Analyst has no access (no datasets selected)

Analyst Example

Dataset Mashups

This is an often overlooked but very powerful feature. Standard plans can create layers using the same dataset (using different filters on each layer), but Enterprise accounts can create layers from different datasets and even different datasources. Layers are a great way to look at different groups of data, so the ability to see data from different datasets and different datasources provides more context into your data. Want to look at tickets resolved and time entered by technician? That’s a dataset mashup. Want to compare tickets opened to machines monitored? Again, a dataset mashup.


Calculated Metrics

Our Calculated Metrics feature allows you to create simple, yet powerful calculations using the common arithmetic operators like addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (x) and division (/).

BrightGauge_calculated metrics

Here are a few of our most popular examples:

1st Touch Resolution
- Number of Tickets Resolved in First Touch (Layer 1) divided by Total Number of Tickets (Layer)


Kill Rate
- Number of Tickets Open (Layer 1) divided Number of Tickets Closed (Layer 2)


Service Gross Margin
- first calculate Service Gross Profit (Total Services Revenue minus Total Services COGS) then divide that by Total Services Revenue.

BrightGauge_Services Gross Margin



Our Snapshots feature will allows you to create historical trends on the data you care about most. It's a way to store the data that your PSA or other tool won't. For example, you can set your Snapshot gauge to capture your end-of-day-ticket count, plot it onto a chart on a daily basis, and show you your ticket trends over time. 

Snapshot gauge showing end-of-day ticket count


Embeddable Gauges

You can now embed your gauges on a public site, such as your marketing site. Perhaps you'd like to show your prospects your average CSAT score, or maybe you'd like to emphasize your average ticket response time. These KPIs can now be made public on the site of your choice. 

Example of a publicly embedded gauge


As you’re considering the standard or enterprise plan, make sure you weigh out the features that are most important to you. For example, if you have a team that will share management responsibilities within the platform or you want to display PSA and RMM data simultaneously in the same gauge, our Enterprise plan will be your best match. On the other hand, if you’re the sole person in charge of managing data or only have one source to wrangle, our Standard plan will be the business intelligence boost you need.


Don’t forget, we are continually adding new features to our plans so please make sure to stay tuned for additional announcements.



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