A lot of you learn a great deal about BrightGauge by evaluating how your peers are using the product. We love that you want to learn from one another, because we strive to do the same!

Lately you’ve been asking us, “What dashboards are other users displaying on their office TVs?”

Putting your metrics up on TVs around the office can have a powerful impact on your employee’s motivation and your client’s impression of you. When everyone has visibility into important company numbers, that level of transparency creates a highly-desired sense of trust.

But when it comes to data and dashboards, there are so many options out there that it can get a little confusing trying to choose the right things to display. No worries, we’ve got some ideas.

What are other BrightGauge users doing?

CW dashboard-5

Like we already mentioned, there are so many possibilities when it comes to the data you want to display. Here are what some BrightGauge users themselves have said they are displaying:

  • Important ticket statistics:

    • Stale tickets

    • Survey response scores

    • Ticket age

    • Tickets open by status

    • Hours per ticket

    • Number of tickets opened today

    • Kill rate

    • This is a really popular dashboard because it’s always critical for all members of a service department to understand what’s happening with tickets and when and where any issues arise.

  • Workstations overview:

    • Servers offline

    • Warranties expiring

    • AV protection status

    • Patch status

  • SLA statistics:

    • Nearing expiration

    • Breached

    • Performance

    • Met resolution

  • Leaderboards:

    • Most tickets closed

    • Highest CSAT scores

    • Average response time

    • Most opportunities created

    • We love leaderboards because they are a great way to inspire a little healthy competition and incentivize team members to work really productively.

  • Time entry:

  • Quarterly statistics dashboard for use during QBRs

  • A rotation of each tech’s individual dashboard displaying their ticket statistics

  • Sales activity:

    • Active opportunities by rep

    • Stale opportunities

    • Revenue won

    • Deals in the pipeline

  • Backups overview:

    • Successful backups

    • Failing backups

    • Devices overview

  • Security overview of endpoints, infections, threats, and sites

  • Financial overview:

    • Profit + loss performance

    • Cash balance

    • Balance of outstanding invoices

    • Top 25 outstanding balances by customer

In our own office, we have one TV up in each of our departments, displaying data relevant to that team. Support tracks their ticket statistics all day, Sales looks at their dials made and open opportunities, Marketing is watching inbound leads and number of new customers, Product is looking at our datasource use per customer, and our main display shows total customers, net new MRR, and progress on quarterly goals.

Since every single BrightGauge employee has access to all company metrics, it helps keep us all on the same page and motivated to work towards our company goals.

What it boils down to

What you choose to display really depends on your overall KPIs and your company goals. Whatever is your top priority (i.e., staying below a response time threshold) should be something you have on constant display, as visual cues are proven to have a positive impact.

Also, if you have clients regularly coming in for office visits, you’ll want to think about having their specific metrics on display. It’s a great way to show them that you are invested in their success and are being proactive about providing them the best possible service.

Use rotating dashboards

dashboards on display-2

When you have several important dashboards you want to display on a TV, you can use our rotating dashboards feature to have them automatically play on a loop.

Up to 3 playlists can display 10 dashboards at a time, so you can view all the data that matters to you, all day long.

Read more about setting up your rotating dashboards here or visit our support docs.

We love hearing from you guys - what are your favorite dashboards that you’re displaying?

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